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Choosing a Cordless Drill

Choosing a Cordless Drill

choosing a cordless drill

Before choosing a drill or cordless screwdriver, you want to think about the jobs that you are going to do. If you simply want to insert or extract screws, all you need is a small cordless screw driver. These tools are ideal for assembling flat packed furniture and small jobs around the house.

Now if you require your drill to drill into masonry then you will need a hammer action drill. It will have a hammer action switch which you will normally slide into place and that will give you the required vibration to drill into the masonry. If you are doing a lot of heavy drilling into masonry then an SDS drill has a much heavier vibration and makes the job so much easier.

Nowadays most drills come with a keyless chuck which makes it very quick and easy to change the drill bits or driver heads that you need. Many cordless drills come with a torque adjustment which allows you to use the drill at full power with very low speed which means they are suitable as screwdrivers as well.

If you are going to be using your screw driver a lot you will want it to have reverse action and variable speed sometimes this is controlled by a switch and additionally by how you pull the trigger.

The power of the drill is based on the voltage so basically the higher the voltage the more powerful the tool. You can start at 12 volts but for most people an 18 volt drill will cover most bases but if you are a trades person using it a lot you may want to consider 24 or 36 volts. You should also take the amp power into consideration. The ampage doesn’t make the battery any more powerful but higher the ampage the longer the battery will hold its charge.

My top advice would be buy the best drill that you can for your money.