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DEWALT DWD460 11 Amp 1/2-Inch Right Angle Stud and Joist Drill with Bind-Up Control image

This heavy-duty stud joist drill is ideal for large framing applications (view larger).
The DEWALT DWD460 1/2-Inch VSR Stud Joist Drill Kit with Clutch and Bind-Up Control delivers powerful, application-specific performance for large hole drilling in wood. Enjoy two variable-speed ranges, durable construction, and a comfortable grip designed for extended use while on the job.
Exclusive Bind-Up Control and DEWALT-Built Motor
At the heart of the DWD460's performance is a patented DEWALT-built motor that delivers increased power and performance in high-torque applications. The drill offers two variable speed ranges — 0 to 330/0 to 1300 rpm. Paired with its powerful 11 amp motor, this translates to improved drilling and driving by allowing you to select the speed that's right for the application at hand.
The heavy-duty DWD460 features a mechanical clutch that delivers increased gear protection at low speeds. It also has the DEWALT trademarked Bind-Up Control stall-sensing technology, which provides increased control of reactionary torque. This protects both the drill's mechanisms and helps prevent common loss of drilling control often experienced in various plumbing and electrical rough-in applications.

Adjustable front handle and 2-position side handle (view larger).
Designed to Handle Tough Applications
As versatile as it is powerful, the DWD460 offers a 1-1/2-inch capacity when working with a spade bit or auger bit in wood. It can handle a capacity of 4-5/8 inches when used with a self-feed bit and a huge 6-inch capacity with a hole saw. It has a capacity of 1/2 inch when working in steel with a twist bit, as well as a 5-inch capacity in steel when working with a hole saw. For durability and long tool life, the drill features a metal gear housing and 100 percent ball-bearing construction.
Built with Comfortable, Accurate Handling in Mind
Comfortable handling goes a long way toward ensuring accurate results, and the DWD460K is built to minimize fatigue. Its body weighs a manageable 11.75 pounds, and its adjustable front handle and two-position side handle provide maximum leverage and control.
What's in the Box
DWD460 1/2-inch right angle stud and joist drill with chuck key with holder; 2-position side handle; bail handle; operating instructions

DWD460 1/2-Inch Right Angle Stud and Joist Drill
At a Glance Bind-Up Control stall-sensing technology for increased control of reactionary torque Mechanical clutch in low speed delivers increased gear protection 11.0 amp for increased power and performance in high torque applications Adjustable front handle and 2-position side handle provide maximum leverage and control Metal gear housing for job site durability and increased reliability

Key Specifications Amps 11 amps No Load Speed 0-330 rpm, 0-1,300 rpm Max Watts Out 1015 watts Chuck Size 1/2-inch Tool Weight 11.75 pounds Capacity in Wood (self-feed) 4-5/8-inch Capacity in Wood (hole saw) 6-inch Capacity in Wood (auger bit) 1-1/2-inch Capacity in Steel (twist bit) 1/2-inch Capacity in Steel (hole saw) 5-inch Capacity in Wood (spade bit) 1-1/2-inch
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Powerful 11 amp, two-speed motor lets you match the right torque to the job (view larger).