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For a 15-amp saw, this one's quieter and lighter than we expected, but just as powerful, sailing smoothly without bogging or stalling. It's got nice balance and a good rubberized grip on it, and the dual handles gave us great control. Changing depth is pretty uncomplicated; just grasp the handle, loosen the lever on the depth guide and then you can move the base up or down to set your cut and tighten the lever. The bevel adjustment is a similarly simple lever, and as far as we're concerned, the easier, the better. You can bevel up to 50 degrees, and of course there's a positive detent at 45 degrees. Most saws like this have a shaft lock for blade changes; this one's no exception. We like the heavy-gauge aluminum wraparound base, but we'd like to see the calibration a little more readable—though it's not a big deal and easily modified. The Makita name means a long tool life and quality components, so they've built this saw with ball and needle bearing construction. Even the included 24-tooth carbide blade is quality. Just be sure to check that the blade's square from the factory; if it isn't, a hex wrench and a try square will come in handy. It's a hardworking little saw that would serve a contractor's needs quite well.

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