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Makita 5090DW 9.6-Volt 3-3/8-Inch Cordless Circular Saw Kit image

Versatile, lightweight, and super-compact, this 3-3/8-inch cordless circular saw is the perfect cordless tool for cutting tasks too big for the handsaw yet too small for a standard circular saw. Great for cutting sheets, trim, rows of dowels, flooring, you name it, this saw handles anything from remodeling in tight quarters to trimming down material for craftwork. The kit includes the battery and charger so you’re up and running out of the box.
The saw features a tilting base for bevel cutting up to 45 degrees. A no-load speed of 1,000 rpm’s means this handy little 3-3/8-inch saw gets the cutting done quickly. The saw is just over a foot long and weighs just 4 pounds for easy handling in tight quarters and at awkward angles. An adjustable cutting depth to 55/65 inches at 90 degrees and 45/64 inches at 45 degrees lets you take on a wide variety of tasks. A blade lock prevents slippage and offers faster blade changes. A comfortable, non-slip grip ensures better control. And, with the optional diamond wheel and water supply kit (sold separately), this saw cuts tile and glass. Your purchase includes the combination blade, hex wrench, battery, and charger. –Brian D. Olson
Applications:Light remodeling, crafts, cutting sheets, trim, rows of dowels, flooring.
What’s in the Box
9.6V Battery 9000 (632007-4), charger DC9700 (113103-2), combination blade (721003-8), hex wrench (783202-0)

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