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The Porter-Cable PC650HD 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill provides the power and reliability you'll need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a 6.5 Amp motor for high-output power, and variable speed settings, the PC650HD gives you the performance you need drill into any virtually surface, whether it is concrete or wood.

The Porter-Cable Hammerdrill: Features a 6 Amp motor. Offers variable speed settings for different applications. Employs cast metal construction for durability.The pistol grip provides comfort and safety. View larger.
Cast metal components increases durability and confidence. View larger. Power Settings Optimized for Different Surfaces
With two speed options of either 0 to 1,000 or 0 to 3,000 revolutions-per-minute (RPMs), you can optimize your performance for high-torque/low-speed applications, such as drilling large holes into wood or drilling into masonry and concrete. And the 6.5 Amp motor produces up to 51,000 beats-per-minute (BPM), while allows the Hammerdrill to be used on thin gauge metal and other hard surfaces. The Porter-Cable Hammerdrill can also be used to drill in reverse while maintaining full power.
Smart Design Ensures Durability and User Safety
Porter-Cable designed the PC650HD Hammerdrill with the professional user in mind. Employing cast metal in both the gear case and side handle increases the durability of the tool and gives you more control and safety. A soft pistol-grip design offers comfortable and safe handling position, which results in improved maneuverability and reduced fatigue.
About Porter-Cable
Since its inception in a garage in Syracuse, New York in 1906, Porter-Cable has earned its place as one of the most trusted names in power tools today. As a subsidiary of Black & Decker, and sister company of Delta Machinery, Porter-Cable designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of electric and cordless power tools for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing and electrical markets.

At the forefront of power-tool innovation, Porter-Cable introduced the first 12-volt cordless drill in 1989, and has since been awarded with many industry accolades and awards, including Time's "Top Ten Products of the Year," Popular Science's "Best of What's New," and Popular Mechanics' "Design and Engineering Award." In 1996, the Smithsonian Institution honored Porter-Cable's history of innovation by establishing the museum's first collection of archived materials from a power tool company, and in 1999 the company received one of the highest manufacturing honors when Industry Week selected Porter-Cable as one of the "Top 10 Manufacturing Plants in the United States."
Today the company continues this long tradition of innovation and quality by using state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and motor winding cells to produce the highest quality components possible. Aluminum components are carefully machined and processed to provide close tolerances and surface finish to assure proper fit and function. Critical gears and pinions are meticulously fabricated from select cut steel and then heat treated for long lasting product life. And heavy-duty series universal motors are professionally designed and processed to provide maximum horsepower as well as optimum balance to result in a smooth running product. Supported by world-class manufacturing principles, Porter-Cable continues to embody a value system that drives its industry-leading objectives in priority of safety, quality, delivery, and cost through every process in its operation.
What's in the Box
PC650HD drill, chuck key and holder, cast metal side handle, depth rod.

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